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The Hill Center at 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE is now the main office site for the Village, while the Village’s original office in the basement of a 7th Street SE townhouse will be used for technical, clerical and administrative support as well as committee meetings.

The Capitol Hill Village Office in the Hill Center is staffed by volunteers, Monday through Friday, from approximately 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. CHV members are asked to submit their requests for service or to RSVP for events by calling or e-mailing the office rather than visiting in person.

In the event of a medical or other emergency, members should call 911; CHV is not equipped to provide emergency medical service.

Phone: 202-543-1778

E-mail: info@capitolhillvillage.org

Mailing address:
Capitol Hill Village
Box 15126
Washington, DC 20003-0126

Contact us: 202-543-1778 | info@capitolhillvillage.org
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