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Becoming a Member

Capitol Hill Village is open to all individuals and households who reside within the boundaries of the Capitol Hill Village community: H Street NE to M Street SE; North and South Capitol Streets to 19th Street, SE and NE. There is no age limit. There are two types of membership:

Full Service Membership

Full service members pay dues to cover services and referrals provided by Capitol Hill Village, as well as program and administrative expenses. Full service membership dues are not tax-deductible because members receive benefits in return.

Social Membership

Social membership is available to those who would like to join and support CHV and have access to the social programming but do not want to use services. Annual dues are the same as regular Capitol Hill Village memberships: $530 for individuals and $800 for households of two or more. However, the entire dues amount may be listed as a federal tax charitable deduction. Social Members are encouraged to attend programs and activities reserved for Social Members and Members only. (Social members cannot join or renew for multiple years, but can renew annually for as often as they like.)

Is Capitol Hill Village Right for You?

* Retired and seeking new friends and activities

a monthly calendar of events and activities, including lectures, theater and museum visits, potluck suppers, walks, book club gatherings; volunteer opportunities that lead to new friendships

* Getting older and in need of occasional help so you can stay in your own home

in-home assistance with daily chores; referral to professional Home Care Assistance professionals; transportation to and from appointments of any sort technical advice and assistance with computers, TVs, and other electronic equipment

* Health, Social & Long-term care navigation

assistance to members and their families at critical moments to provide care navigation and expert advice on health, social, and long-term care needs

* Single and living alone

regular social and cultural programs; opportunities to meet new people who share your interests; help with tasks around the house too big to handle alone

* Don’t want to bother friends and family with routine requests for help

“Rise and Shine” program that partners members who share a daily check-in phone call; convenience services of any sort when you are unable to keep up with multiple commitments, family emergencies, out-of-town travel, or other circumstances

* Value the advice and counsel of knowledgeable friends and associates

informative talks and lectures on a variety of topics; informed discussions on matters pertaining to aging and retirement; legal and medical advice and advocacy

* Recently moved to Capitol Hill

a variety of opportunities for meeting your new neighbors; advice on professional services, including plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc.; information on the many organizations and activities available on the Hill, including the Library of Congress, the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Southeast DC Library, the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, the Atlas Theater, and many others

Is Capitol Hill Village Worth the Membership Fee?

A number of prudent skeptics on the Hill have, since Capitol Hill Village’s inception, been reluctant to join because they questioned: “What do I get for my money?” After several years in operation, there has been time enough to evaluate its true worth in concrete terms. The fact is that membership in the Village can result in real savings. Some proven examples include:

* Transportation

Free rides to see your doctor or dentist, visit a grocery store or shop, or attend a downtown show (estimated cab fares $40). Village members can even get a drive to the airport ($20-$60).

* Counseling

Two professional social workers on staff provide counseling valued at $85 to $100 an hour.

* Services

Computer help from a Village volunteer instead of hiring a computer company ($100/hour). Free tax assistance instead of paid preparers ($50 per IRS form). Volunteer gardening assistance could save $25/hour or more.

* Program/Business Discounts

Reduced group-rate tickets for local theaters and attractions obtained by CHV, with typical savings of $10-$15 per admission. Participation in AARP safe driving seminars organized by CHV, allowing a reduction in car insurance (up to $90/year). Discounted assessments on the status and life expectancy of home systems (e,g,. heating and cooling, roof, water heater, etc.).

* Dining Discounts

Village-sponsored group dinners at area restaurants, with discounts of 10-33 percent.

* Other Monetary Benefits for Village Members

a free subscription to “Washington Checkbook” and its online service 20 percent senior discount on classes at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop 10 percent discount on online service set-up from local firm DC Access

* Bottom Line

Even if you used only some of CHV’s services and offerings, you could save a part or all of the annual membership fee.

How to Join

By Mail

To become a member of Capitol Hill Village by mail, print and complete the Membership Application Form and return to the office with your payment.

Capitol Hill Village
725 8th St SE
Washington, DC 20003

Online with PayPal

To become a member of Capitol Hill Village using PayPal (which accepts credit cards), click on the PayPal “add to cart” or “subscribe” link below one of the six options we offer. Some browsers do not work well with Paypal; if you have difficulty, use Internet Explorer. Only click one link, and only once. It may not look like your choice has registered until you click the “view cart” link.
Individual Membership $530/year ...
Savings of $94 over the year versus our monthly payment option.

Individual Social Memberships $530/year ...
This membership is tax deductible with no access to service and referrals.

Household Memberships $800/year ...
Savings of $100 over the year versus our monthly payment option.

Household Social Memberships $800/year ...
This membership is tax deductible with no access to service and referrals.

Individual Membership $52/month ...
12 monthly payments of $52 for a total of $624 per year.

Household Memberships $75/month ...
12 monthly payments of $75 for a total of $900 per year.

Browsers interact with PayPal differently. If a hyperlink did not take you to PayPal's Shopping Cart when you pressed "Add to Cart" or "Subscribe" (above), click "View Cart" (below). This will take you to the PayPal website to verify the transaction and complete the payment. Before you click the "checkout" on the PayPal "view cart" page you can change the quantities if you accidentally hit an extra link.

Membership Plus Financial
Assistance Program

To facilitate its philosophy that membership reflects the economic diversity of Capitol Hill, Capitol Hill Village created the Membership Plus assistance program and established the Stephen C. Rogers Memorial Fund. To the extent that monies are available in the Rogers Fund, Capitol Hill Village offers assistance to residents of Capitol Hill who cannot afford the standard membership fees. Two levels of Membership Plus fee support are available dependent upon an applicant's financial situation. PLEASE SEE THE LAST PAGE OF THE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, AVAILABLE AT THE UPPER RIGHT OF THIS PAGE, FOR INFORMATION ABOUT INCOME GUIDELINES AND MEMBERSHIP PLUS FEES.

CHV's Executive Director administers the Membership Plus program. The Board of Directors requires that the Executive Director review documents to establish proof of eligibilty (for example, the most recent tax form). The list of Membership Plus members is confidential, and known only to the Executive Director and office staff who have a need to know.

The Rogers Fund supports the Membership Plus discount from the annual fee, and the Membership Plus share of total expenses not covered by fees. Membership Plus members may request up to $250 each year ($375 for households) to pay vendors for services that cannot be provided by volunteers. Larger amounts for emergency expenses, including repairs, may be requested but must be approved by the Executive Committee. These expenses also are supported by the Rogers Fund.

Membership Refund Policy

Membership dues are not refundable, except in the following circumstances:

1. If a member or member household moves out of the Village service area, dues paid for multiple years not begun will be refunded, unless the member asks that out-of-area services be provided, and the membership is approved as an out-of-boundary membership; dues for the current year will not be refunded.

2. Upon the death of one member of a household membership, the surviving spouse/partner will have the option of either: (1) applying the prorated difference between a household membership and a single membership to a single membership renewal for the year, or years, after the year in which the death occurred; or (2) asking that the prorated difference be refunded.

3. Social memberships are not refundable. Social members wishing to become full-service members can contact the Executive Director for more information on prorated fee scales.

Contact us: 202-543-1778 | info@capitolhillvillage.org
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