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Big Shoes to Fill

By Roberta Shapiro

My good friend Victor, a transplanted “Brit,” uses the word “brilliant” in a different way than we “Yanks” do. For Victor, “brilliant” means not only “extremely intelligent” and “sparkling” but also denotes anything of truly outstanding quality, as in, “This soup is brilliant.”

When I think about CHV's second Executive Director Katie McDonough, the word “brilliant,” in the true British sense of the word, comes to mind. Katie exhibits remarkable intelligence, a sparkling and empathetic personality and superior performance in her professional role, especially when the going gets tough. It is clear that I have large shoes to fill in assuming the position previously held by Katie.

In subsequent newsletters, I plan to write about the future of Capitol Hill Village and about some of the issues that I believe are important to its members, volunteers, staff and our larger community. In this issue, however, please indulge me while I dwell a bit on CHV's past, and, in particular, on Katie McDonough's role.

Continue reading about Katie in the April 2014 News, along with coverage of Salon events and more.

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